Sunday, September 11, 2011

What size are you????

Same post New Title.... Just a  little refresher on sizing and inseam!!!

By far the hardest part to finding an amazing pair....SIZE! Most jeans are sized using waist. I prefer this when shopping for my own jeans, the fit is always better and you have the option of inseam length. 
My new mommy's reading, this is especially hard for you .Do yourself a favor and measure before you attempt shopping. It will save you from feeling discouraged and wanting to give up. Have a friend, significant other or do it yourself ,Use a flexible measuring tape. Measure around the your belly where you are the fullest. 

Here is a size chart to help
If you measure a: Size: 24" waist for low rise 26 " or a 0 
                                          24.5" waist for low rise 26" or a 2 
                                          25.5" waist for low rise 27" or a 4 
                                          26.5" waist for low rise 28 " or a 6 
                                          27.5" waist for low rise 29" or an 8 
                                          28.5" waist for low rise 30" or a 10 
                                          30.5" waist for low rise 32" or a 12
                                           31.5" waist for low rise 33 " or a 14
                                           33" waist for low rise 35 " or a 16
                                           34" waist for low rise 36" or an 18

For inseam use the same tape measure and measure from the top of your thigh to bottom of your feet and add an inch or two depending on how long you want them ( more for heels of course) They usually come Short 31", Regular33", Long 35" and Extra long 37".  

You can buy low rise, mid rise or high rise(there is also super low but I do not suggest this for anyone ) .  

** Remember confidence is the key no matter what the size**

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