Thursday, February 14, 2013

Age appropriate or NOT??????

The question..... When should one stop wearing PINK?? I'm not talking about the color but the brand. 

Is it based solely on age or are there a multitude of factors involved i.e. Career,  Single vs. Married, Kids vs. No Kids?? Inquiring minds would like to know.... Actually probably not inquiring minds, just the mind of a 36 year old man that has more female qualities then his FW (future wife). 
The question comes from a conversation with a 29 year old co-worker that gave up her PINK collection at 27. As I look through FW's closet - whose age is 26 btw- the question that plagues me,  Is this the last year of use for many of these pieces???? or can this amazing collection be salvaged for a few more years??? 

I would like to open up this topic to anyone that would like to share with me their thoughts... or maybe when and why you decided to part with a collection of clothing because they were no longer considered "age " appropriate. 

Take Care 


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