Thursday, September 1, 2011

eBay-ing for well anything......

I love to buy and sell on eBay, I make extra money and get great deals.  As much as I love it I have had a few bad experiences being on the both ends of a transaction. Always read the listing don't just assume you understand what you are buying people will trick you with pictures and listing titles.Or they just use pictures that are easy to download but are not the exact product they are selling. 
 Check around, you have the ability to add as many items as you want to you watch list....You might see a good deal and want to buy it right then .....WAIT I bet you find a better deal a few listings down. Be sure you do the math, a listing may have free shipping but another could charge shipping and have a cheaper buy price in this case it may only be a few cents but it makes a difference. 
When bidding on something..... Never EVER EVER bid until the last minutes to ensure that you get the item for the lowest price possible, people like to win so they tend to go for items that already have bids on them keep that in mind.

Lets face it we don't all have money just chillin' in the bank to buy expensive jeans all of the time. Its a great place to buy designer jeans new and used, I am actually a little more comfortable with used as some new jeans could be knock offs. 

If you haven't already go check it out!! To find jeans I have listed go to my "Gently loved jeans waiting for a new home" at the top of my blog. 

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting. I actually bought maternity jeans a couple of months ago on e-bay. Would so do it again. When ever you make a button message me so that I can add it to my blog.
    Happy hopping