Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh How I love couponing....How else could I afford to have so many jeans!!!

Today my trip to target was super successful. I have been using coupons for about 3 years, I began when I had my son who is now 3 1/2 (and amazing). I didn't really get into "extreme" couponing until about a year ago and every time I amaze myself. The amount of money I save is well CRAZY.  I do have to say I have a harder time at the grocery store, Keeping track of there ads and sale periods is far more time consuming and complicated but I am working on it. For being little pieces of paper they are super messy and frustrate the shit out of me but where in the world would I be without them :)

Here is a little glimpse of what coupons can get you......

I walked away with 2 $5 gift cards and all of this

My total saving $244.42, I only spent $25.50


  1. I need this in my life! You should help me!!! :)

  2. hi, hi new follower from Take over Tuesday Twitter!

  3. Wow! Great job. I love couponing too. I am also following you on twitter, facebook, and GFC. Thanks for linking up with us on Take over Tuesday.

  4. I have been getting into couponing lately and I have to say this is impressive! Do you have any tips or tricks?

  5. I always make sure to stack store coupons with the manufacturer coupon, and I keep a close eye on the adds usually target(target gives gift cards with toilet paper, tide paper towels usually p&g products and usually weeks those coupons come in the paper) and Walgreen(.99 cent dawn and use a .75 off coupon). I neever buy unless it is on and I have a coupon and I always always stock up so I dont have to buy items for full price.