Thursday, September 29, 2011

Layaway for jeans....... WHAT????

I picked up my newest pair of jeans about half an hour ago... Had to let the muchkin play i drag him all around with me and for the most part he is an angel child!!!  When I say Picked up I mean it...They were on LAYAWAY!

I usually think of Kmart or Tjmaxx when someone says layaway. Not this time! 

I buy almost all of my jeans from BUCKLE and yes they have layaway. It is the best thing ever, I had enough for one pair but I found 2 that I wanted so i put them on layaway and paid 20% down, then I had 2 months to pay it off. The cool part about buckle layaway isn't just the fact that they have it, when you pay off one pair you can take them (or leave them till you pay it all off but thats crazy)

If you have never shopped at Buckle I would highly suggest it. Its a little pricey but they do have sale items like most stores. They also offer punch cards, every$10 you spend you get a punch when its full you get $10 off. 


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  2. I love Buckle too, but had no idea they had layaway. Thanks for the info and thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back :)