Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Recently I have been seeing commercials for Ebates..... Have you heard of it??

I decided to take a look into it, I was surprised by all of the benefits to using this site to shop on other sites.When you sign up they ask you to pick a $10 gift card which you receive after your first purchase, then you shop sites and receive cash back on your purchases.They also have special offers for referring friends Gift cards, I Pads or Cash.

  Alot of the sites offer 2% cash back but while I was looking around I found specials like 20% cash back @ Banana Republic and 10% @ Gap. I love getting deals on Groupon but what I love more is getting 3% cash back for that great deal, With Ebates you can do that!! I buy all of my jeans @ Buckle, Buckle is one of the thousands of stores that you can use Ebates to  shop and receive cash back... I am totally sold!!!

I highly suggest checking this site out. Click my link below....

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  2. Hopping through from "The Go To Mommy" Alexa Hop. :)
    Left Alexa review. Ebates looks neat. I signed up through your link. :)